Stay at Home

To Our Community,

Jackson Hole Book Trader and Wilson Book Gallery will be staying home and encourage you to do the same.

Per the Town of Jackson Ordinance [1249], and our own guidance, starting today we will operate both stores by performing minimum basic operations only. We will no longer be taking any new special orders, nor offering curbside or home delivery.

We plan to spend this upcoming week tying up loose ends. Each morning at 11am, there will be someone at both shops to answer your questions or concerns:

Jackson Hole Book Trader > 307-734-6001
Wilson Book Gallery > 307-201-5891

Once our loose ends are tied, we will be in the shops very infrequently. We will be checking voicemail, so please leave a message.

And have no fear, all of us will continue to spend our time reading books, reading book reviews, listening to books, listening to podcasts about books, and talking endlessly about books. Nothing can stop us from that!

Please email with any questions or concerns.

From all of us: take care of yourself, your family, and your community.

Be well,
Susie, Brook, Abbie & Andrew