Fire Shapes the World Book Release Party

Saturday, June 17, 2023
Starts at 10am

Local author and friend, Joanna Cooke, has a new book she wants to share with the world!

Join us at the bookshop as Joanna reads from her latest children's non-fiction book Fire Shapes the World

There will be local fire experts to add to the story of fire, along with light treats for the kids. Event starts at 10 am at the Book Trader.

Fire Shapes the World by Joanna Cooke

Life as we know it evolved with fire; there is no us without it.

With lyrical text grounded in the latest research, this picture book shares the primal connection between all living things and fire. Children will grasp that fire is basic and powerful; that it has the capability to both destroy and create; that everything they know in the world has evolved with fire.

There is comfort in understanding the natural processes taking place all around us. By learning the story of fire and how it has changed this planet, this book also addresses the question: Can people adapt to an increasingly fire-prone environment? This answer is: Yes. Because we always have. While fire is to be respected, with proper care and thoughtful planning, it can be a benefit to Earth. We can learn from the past to help create our future. Through understanding, we will thrive.

Fire Shapes the World is an encouraging springboard for conversation illuminated by breathtaking paintings, and it will allow children to explore their connection to this most elemental agent of change.

Available at Jackson Hole Book Trader, Wilson Book Gallery, and